Selected ESG data

Selected indicators from Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards and the Group’s own indicators are available in the non-financial statement.

  • 1

    of CO2 saved via emission reductions in comparison with 2019. Average net CO2 emission intensity of PGE’s generating assets, including heat generation, reached 0.83 (t/MWh) in 2020

  • 9%

    less water consumed in conventional generation of electricity and heat, meaning that PGE Group used 124 million m3 of water less in 2020 than it did in 2019

  • 26 500

    stork nest platforms installed to date by PGE Dystrybucja’s energy technicians in areas where the company operates

  • 40 444

    total number of employees, which includes 8 173 women and 32 271 men

  • 99.5

    of PGE Group’s employees have a full-time employment contract

  • 147

    people in charge of ensuring the safety of PGE Group’s workforce

  • 6.7

    zlotys donated by PGE Group to the fight against COVID-19 in 2020

  • 8.1

    zlotys donated by PGE Foundation in 2020

  • 790 000

    zlotys donated by PGE for the development of high culture in 2020

We are changing Poland’s
energy landscape


2020 was a difficult year for businesses in the light of the pandemic. Our operational agility in this context massively contributed to Poland’s energy security and safe working conditions for our employees. We also kept in mind those who needed help the most during the pandemic.

Letter from the CEO


As leader of the energy transition, our goal is to reduce our impact on the natural environment. We are planning to reduce emissions by relacing energy-generation technologies, expanding our renewables portfolio and enabling our customers to participate in the transition through an attracting product offering. By 2050, PGE Group will be climate-neutral and 100% of the energy it supplies to customers will be green.

Modern energy

Grid infrastructure and partnership-based relations with customers are the foundation of the energy transition. We want to maintain customer satisfaction at the highest level on the market, driven by service quality and our energy services offering. To this end, we are developing professional energy services and integrated contact and sales channels.

Efficient and effective

In developing our employees’ competences, we are prioritising renewable energy and modern energy services. We want to continuously improve our operational effectiveness. We are embracing the development of information and communication technologies that will deliver process automation and digitalisation.

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